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Where to go

If You want to visit interesting and not boring places of Moscow, then we have some ideas for You:

  • Where to go
    Depot – gastronomic project
    A gastronomic project in Miusskaya tram depot — the largest Gastromark in Europe. In the asset of 75 gastrokinetic and 140 farmer stalls. Among the tenants are restaurants of famous restaurateurs Novikov and Rappoport, as well as gastronomic projects of chefs known for their work in large restaurants.
  • Where to go
    Boat trip
    River walk along the Moscow river, combined with a wonderful dinner or lunch on Board a comfortable snow-white ship. During the cruise, the ship will open magnificent views of the skyscrapers of Moscow city, the White house, Sparrow hills, Gorky Park and other attractions of the capital.
  • Where to go
    State gallery on Solyanka
    Solyanka is located right in the heart of city life, five minutes from the Kremlin, right on Ivanovskaya Gorka — and there are miraculously survived 1917. Here survived the medieval tangle of crooked alleys, twisted into complex knots, making the alleys run down and up the hill.
  • Where to go
    Club "Propaganda»
    Propaganda is one of the oldest clubs in Moscow. It was opened in 1997, it can rightly be considered the same age as the club culture of the capital: together with it grew, developed, create trends. The famous Thursdays of Sanchez in propaganda have become a real trend, which is still followed by the best clubs in Moscow. Propaganda is the most favorite place for guests from Europe